John LeFan on writing and the new book
July 2017:  John on Writing and Apparitions
... Out of dance in the late nineties with injuries I wrote a screenplay
and actually got paid for it.  Boy, did that put the hook in...  
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A Whale Tale - about a new oil painting of a bone
June 2017:  A Whale Tale
A beautiful whale bone was lent to me by an artist/collector who
wondered if I'd like to use it for a painting.  Yes!  ...This is the story of
the painting and the bone.
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Pastels - about working with pastels, pastel paintings
April 2017:  Pastels
On a recent trip to the mountains, I took my pastels with me.  First
time on the road.  They're messy and bulky.  And visceral.  I get my
hands dirty.     
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Lighting art
March 2017:  Lighting Art find the right place for a piece, or the right piece for a place,
often involves lighting considerations...  ways to think about light as
you place and rotate the art you own, as well as make new art
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Apparitions - new book of poetry, songs and paintings
February 2017:  Apparitions - new art & poetry book
Four years ago, ghosts began appearing in John’s poems...
Inanimate objects were taking on life in my paintings... We decided to
embark on a ... project, Apparitions at an Exhibition...
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work in progress, oil painting, records of making art
December 2016:  Studio Records - the trail of a painting
...I also keep a file on each piece, for whatever scraps of notes,
samples, sketches & photos I have.
Here's the kind of stuff that collects there...
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open studios at Mariposa Studio
November 2016:  Where's the Mess?  Open Studios
...I set it up like a gallery.  I'm aware that some people are expecting
to see an "artistic" mess... Here's a peek behind the scenes, and
some secrets:    
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Bob Taxin at Defenestration opening - story behind a painting
October 2016:  The Story Behind The Knot - a straitjacket
The story behind the straitjacket paintings is important, because
every fold & crease has its history.  These garments got their knocks
in the institution of performing arts.     
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Why is Water So Compelling?  paintings about water
September 2016:  Why is Water So Compelling?
...Staring at water is something I really get into.
Looking back, I'm surprised to find so much water in my paintings.  It
was not a calculated theme...       
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A story of stolen paintings and tips for collectors
August 2016:  The Purloined Paintings
Two paintings, purloined from the collector's home in a burglary...
have been returned... at the police station, the officer on duty said of
the recovery, "this never happens".  The story illustrates the often
avoided subject of misadventure; here are 7 tips...     
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collector profile
July 2016:  Collector Profile:  Joan Lazarus
"Everything I have was picked up from a living artist.  I'm interested in
what people are doing now.  My art, I've actually met each artist.  
I like that."     
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Reselling Art - what do you need to know?
June 2016:  Reselling Artwork
"I am considering selling a piece of artwork that I purchased.
What do I need to know?"
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Coherent Collecting - noticing collectors' choices
May 2016:  Coherent Collecting
Art collections are started, built and shaped one object at a time...
Luckily I get to see this process often.
Some things stand out for me about collectors' choices.
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is written correspondence a thing of the past?
April 2016:  Poor Penmanship?
"Illegible".  That's how the post office labeled a whole pile of my
recent mailing of postcards...  it was the nudge that took me into
bringing our public front a little more up to date.
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Cubic Space - a performance lab
March 2016:  Cubic Space performance lab
John and I have seized an opportunity, and are taking a fearless
group of performing artists along for the ride.  Salon performances in
a raw space, an experimental project.     
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Selection - composing new art work and editing ideas
January 2016:  Selection - composing new work
...In setting out new work, I sift through an abundance of ideas, rather
than await inspiration.  I was asked recently about how I edit these
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fragile packages - shipping art
November 2015:  Fragile Packages a container for an egg using toothpicks, then drop it off the
roof of the engineering building.  Shipping artwork these days feels a
bit like that...
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Coastal Field Trip - how I use field trips in making art
July 2015:  Coastal Trip - field notes
...Field trips are part of the fabric of my work; a chance to see in
different ways...
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Finding Balance - between making art and secondary roles
February 2015:  Finding Balance
...the balance of primary art work with supporting roles...
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Art at Home - ways people take art into their homes
August 2014:  Art at Home
This month I call attention to the way people take art into their lives.  
...That's where collectors come in.
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