Cubic Space – performance lab

Cubic Space - a Mariposa Studio project

John and I have seized an opportunity, and are taking a fearless group of performing artists along for the ride.  Salon performances in a raw space, an experimental project.

A space in our building, Project Artaud, was recently emptied, after being piled high with junk for decades.  A wondrous and amazing cube was revealed.  Thirty feet square, nearly 30 feet high, two walls of windows.  Prior to long term lease, the membership of Project Artaud agreed to make it available for a series of short artist residencies.  We snapped up two weeks in March.

Our project, Cubic Space, is headed by John LeFan who wondered how a diverse group of performers would use a 3-dimensional tabla rasa to experiment.  Raw urban space.  Echo of sound. Bounce of natural light.

Cubic Space
Cubic Space March 7 – 21

A lab of improvisation & experimentation.

The audience will gather at the Mariposa Studio, where my Spring Show will be up.
From there, we’ll all go down the hall to the performance space.  The series will consist of a different program for each of 11
shows over the two week period.

Participating artists and map (200)performance pieces:

Blood Memories is a structured improvisation with musical texture approached in solo performances by actress/improviser Diana Brown, actor/combat sports writer & podcaster Gabriel Montoya & dancer/trainer Diane McKallip.

John LeFan’s Caravanserai is a song cycle informed by the tent community around us, with musicians Bob Taxin (guitar, dobro, vocals), Phil Deal (alto & soprano sax, flute), & me on bass.

Celebrated jazz musicians Jim Zimmerman (vibes, percussion) & Michael Gold (saxcubic space 2 (Small)), founding members of the Bernal Jazz Quintet, in an acoustic adventure.

John O’Keefe, noted playwright/actor/director, reads his acclaimed “The Promotion”.

The poetry of GP Skratz with Hal Hughes on violin.

And many Project Artaud performers bringing their talent to a rowdy opening night benefit for Lava Mae.

We’re offering a discounted flex-pass so you can see multiple shows, and see how the artists start from the same place and go off in different directions.

It’s alive.  The space is as much a living, speaking performer as any of us.   Bare bones authentic theater, music and poetry.


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