Poor Penmanship?


“Illegible”.  That’s how the post office labeled a whole pile of my recent mailing of postcards.   Pretty shameful for someone who makes their living drawing.  Or…  as a friend suggested, “they don’t teach cursive anymore.”  Well, it was the nudge that took me into bringing our public front a little more up to date.

I’d had good nudges from a few of you, which made me take a closer look at the way I keep in touch, tailor what I share, and give you choices about how much & what you receive.

So I’m taking baby steps, learning a bit of code, a tad of social media, and just what is a “plugin” (I learn it’s neither an obscenity nor a toaster, go figure).  I hope you’ll set me straight with suggestions and corrections as I navigate this new territory.

The changes:

  • The monthly email* will be news briefs, with a link to the full featured blog article.  (If you’re reading this you’ve arrived at the blog.)
  • We now have a Mariposa Studio Facebook page, where I’ll post events, updates, & such.
  • Our website has been cleaned up and integrated with the new stuff.
  • I’ve introduced a gallery page here which is easier to keep updated with images of available artwork.
  • Bulk postcard mailings are probably a thing of the past, but I’ll gladly return personal written correspondences, email or snail.
  • And I’m looking in to ways you can find out in real time if we’re open (like Foursquare).  More to come on that.


With the handwritten postcards, my intention was to reach you with a small gesture of something marked by hand, perhaps enticing you to visit.  Now, it looks like you’ll have to come in to the studio to see first hand the paints & pencils and marks I make with them.

*On your newsletter email, click “update subscription preferences” to choose areas of specified interest and customize what we send you.

2 thoughts on “Poor Penmanship?”

  1. Hello Anna,

    Just read about your post card problem!.
    Our personal post cards from Holland last year, never did find home-goodness knows what happened-I am not saying my writing is bad, it is quite big and clear!!.
    Disappointing when You go to the trouble of writing to us all.
    Have a good Open Studio weekend.
    Kind Regards,
    Philippa and Sarah Colborne.

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