Apparitions – new art & poetry book

Four years ago, ghosts began appearing in John’s poems.  Tromping through a Houston house of jazz.  Inhabiting a deserted New Mexico homestead.  In the person of a promiscuous eighty-year-old Bowery tenement super.  The Fantods.

Inanimate objects were taking on life in my paintings.  Bones.  Gloves.  Chairs.  Sharp things.

We decided to embark on a loosely defined, multiple art form project, Apparitions at an Exhibition, to explore the phenomena. Continue reading “Apparitions – new art & poetry book”

Finding Balance

An Atlantic article has been generating talk lately,  “Death of the Artist – Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur” by William Deresiewicz.  While some parts resonated, others certainly drew a “hey, wait a minute!” from me.  Is it really the “end of art as we know it”?  To whom, and why, is the image of artist important?  The definition of ‘artist’, art as commodity, working in multiple forms, and the role of money – all worthy topics.  One topic was on my mind anyway – the balance of primary art work with supporting roles.   Continue reading “Finding Balance”

“Red Balloon” intaglio prints

I take pride in offering only original artwork.  It is important to me that the hand of the maker is evident in the finished art object.  Printer John Sullivan taught me first hand why an intaglio print by a master meets this criteria. Continue reading ““Red Balloon” intaglio prints”