Where’s the Mess? | open studios

This year I displayed the following essay in the studio and it turned out to capture people’s attention:

I’ve been doing Open Studios since 2007, spring and fall.  I set it up like a gallery.  I’m aware that some people are expecting to see an “artistic” mess. Continue reading “Where’s the Mess? | open studios”

Coherent Collecting

Big in the news here this week is the reopening of the expanded San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  Among the attractions, the Doris and Donald Fisher collection, so vast it needs a multimillion dollar museum to house it.  Sort of puts art collecting into a sphere that most of us can’t relate to.  Art collections are started, built and shaped one object at a time.  Many people have acquired one almost unaware, or at least unlabeled as such.  Whether purchased, self created, or collected passively by gifts, it reflects its owners.
Luckily I get to see this process often.
Some things stand out for me about collectors’ choices. Continue reading “Coherent Collecting”

Art at Home

This month I call attention to the way people take art into their lives.  It’s a weird art world out there.  To keep doing what I do, I navigate pressures and cycles, failures as well as strength.  It’s not without its moments of doubt.  So to recognize moments of fulfillment is important.  That’s where collectors come in. Continue reading “Art at Home”