John – on writing and “Apparitions”

Most of the dance forms I worked in involved the spoken word.  My own words appeared in my own work and the work of others.  When my career as a dancer began to wind down, I spent more and more time writing.  Out of dance in the late nineties with injuries I wrote a screenplay and actually got paid for it.  Boy, did that put the hook in.  Continue reading “John – on writing and “Apparitions””

Apparitions – new art & poetry book

Four years ago, ghosts began appearing in John’s poems.  Tromping through a Houston house of jazz.  Inhabiting a deserted New Mexico homestead.  In the person of a promiscuous eighty-year-old Bowery tenement super.  The Fantods.

Inanimate objects were taking on life in my paintings.  Bones.  Gloves.  Chairs.  Sharp things.

We decided to embark on a loosely defined, multiple art form project, Apparitions at an Exhibition, to explore the phenomena. Continue reading “Apparitions – new art & poetry book”