The Purloined Paintings – 7 tips

The impossible happened late last month.  Two paintings, puloined from the collector’s home in a burglary three years ago, resurfaced and have been returned to their owner.  Finally reunited at a police station, the officer on duty said “this never happens”.  The moment of recovery was ecstatic.  The paintings are in my care now, getting cleaned up and repaired.  Soon they’ll be home where they belong.  The story illustrates the often avoided subject of misadventure; here are 7 tips for starters: Continue reading “The Purloined Paintings – 7 tips”

Fragile Packages

It’s so cool to see the paintings and drawings finding their way into the world, your homes.  This fall, destinations in SF are Cathedral Hill, Bernal Hill, Potrero Hill, the Avenues.  Beyond to Oakland, Burlingame, San Mateo, and even France.  Which brings me to this month’s topic:  fragile packages. Continue reading “Fragile Packages”