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Poetry | Art books
Our poetry | art books are collaborations between John (poetry, songs) and Anna
(paintings, drawings).  Often the content has also been influenced by
collaborations with other artists, such as musicians, actors and printers.  
Available by mail or in the studio, we hope you'll enjoy these unique books.
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Apparitions, art & poetry book

Just released in 2017- our second book
of poetry, songs and art:
A collection of paintings from Anna's
Bones series, with tales of ghosts,
hunter/prey, perspective, people and

Apparitions, 8 1/2 in. sq., 56 pages,
$30 + tax, shipping
Tickle gurgle Tock, art / poetry book

John's first book of poetry, "Tickle
gurgle Tock"
, is a collaboration with
Anna.  Her drawings as well as the hand
made cover, convey the world of sea and
urban myth of the poems.  
To view YouTube video preview of the
click here

Tickle gurgle Tock, 8 1/5 x 5 1/2 in.,
32 pages, $20 + tax, shipping