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Beach Towel in a Bath Tub, watercolor, ŠAnna Dal Pino
Beach Towel in a Bath Tub

by Anna Dal Pino

original watercolor painting on paper
34 x 26 inches (nominal) framed

Catalogue No. 19007
Additional Information

Artist's notes:  "The beach towel is one of my favorite studio props.  I love to play with the animated quality
it has when I twist or knot it.  This one imagines the towel to be off duty, taking a soak."

Price includes display framing.
Image is 28 x 20 inches.
Overall framed dimensions: 37 3/4  x  29 3/4 inches
Frame is silver.
Glazing is framing grade acrylic.  
Art is ready to hang.

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Beach Towel in a Bath Tub, detail
Beach Towel in a Bath Tub, framed
Beach Towel in a Bath Tub, detail
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