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is our second book of poetry, songs & art
A Mariposa Studio collaboration, the content has also been influenced
by collaborations with other artists: musicians and actors.
Apparitions, poetry|art book by John LeFan & Anna Dal Pino

A collection of paintings from
Bones series,
with John's poems & songs:
tales of ghosts, hunter/prey,
perspective, people and place.

Apparitions, 8 1/2 in. sq.,
56 pages,
$30 + tax, shipping
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Sample Page, Apparitions, ŠJohn LeFan
About Apparitions
reprinted from Anna's blog
February, 2017

"Four years ago, ghosts began appearing
in John’s poems.  Tromping through a
Houston house of jazz.  Inhabiting a
deserted New Mexico homestead.  In the
person of a promiscuous eighty-year-old
Bowery tenement super.  The Fantods.

Inanimate objects were taking on life in my
paintings.  Bones.  Gloves. Chairs.  
Sharp things.

We decided to embark on a loosely
defined, multiple art form project,  
Apparitions at an Exhibition, to explore the
We are pleased to announce the
publication of our second art book,  
Apparitions, which is the culmination of
this project..."

Tickle gurgle Tock
is a handmade art book of poetry by John LeFan,
with art and design by Anna Dal Pino.  

The book takes its name from the way John describes the sound of the ocean
tide on a pebble beach in the poem
On the Beach at Night Alone.  
The poems are visions of personal and global anthropology
inspired by the urban and wild West.  

We also acknowledge John Sullivan and his crew at Logos Graphics for making this
collaboration a reality with high quality presswork and the wonderful stencil dust jacket.
The design is purposefully tactile, intended
to provide the pleasures of holding in your
own hands
a book and art object.  

Tickle gurgle Tock
regular edition
8 1/5 x 5 1/2 in.,
32 pages, $20 + tax, shipping

The book’s jacket is
a 45,000 year old form of
interactive art; the stencil.  
A string tie binds the jacket.  
The book is hand sewn with an
incorporated piece of art at its
Watch a
Tickle gurgle Tock
Limited edition of 13
with original watercolor insert,
Water & Stones

$98 + tax, shipping
Water & Stones V, watercolor, ŠAnna Dal Pino
Each book in the limited edition includes an
original watercolor painting,
Water & Stones
(individually signed and numbered).  

Inspired by a stack of rocks John
made on a particularly
spectacular wilderness trip.  

An earlier ink study,
John’s Rocks,
which appears in the book,
seemed to capture an essence of weight and
man’s timeless desire to make art that
resonates in the making of this art/poetry
book.  So Anna chose to develop it into the
thirteen paintings created for the thirteen
copies of the limited edition.