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available work
Bones are elemental, a perfect realization of form and function.  
These compositions give the bones a life beyond their first.  
Many of the
Bones paintings appear in our art/poetry book,
Joy, oil on linen (bones)
Backbones, oil on canvas, (bones)
Metamorphosis, oil on canvas, (bones)
Princess, oil on canvas, (bones)
Apposition of One, oil on linen, (bones)
Cry, oil on canvas, (bones)
Seven Scapulae, oil on canvas, (bones)
Antelope Spine with Feather, oil on canvas, (bones)
Western Exposure, oil on canvas, (bones)
Double Portrait, oil on canvas, (bones)
Fleet, oil on canvas, (bones)
Deer Ribs at Sunset, oil on canvas, (bones)
Deer Hips, watercolor
Swimming Splits, oil on canvas, (bones)
Antelope Hips Study, drawing
Elk Hips Study, drawing
Study for Afternoon, Inverness Ridge, drawing
Bone Trio, charcoal