Selected Past Events
we're proud to have created the environments for the following productions:
Original Songs Original Songs
by Jayne Williams & John LeFan

salon performance of original music
eclectic acoustic with a flash of electricity

songs by Jayne Williams (mandolin) & John LeFan (guitar)
with Bob Taxin (dobro) and Anna Dal Pino (bass)
Cat Island
Cat Island  a staged reading
pilot episode - a television screenplay by John LeFan

Jean & Pierre Lafitte were the Sopranos of New Orleans
from 1808 - 1818.  
Cat Island was their lair.
The Actors:  Afi Ayanna   Diana Brown   Elisabeth Lagelee   Gabriel Montoya   Craig
Neibaur   Sondra Putnam   Bob Taxin   Lluis Valls
On Percussion:   Curt Moore
Two Books and the art within

books/art: Beverly Tharp
John LeFan & Anna Dal Pino
edible art:  KT Graham
guest performers:  Diana Brown
Jim Zimmerman, Bob Taxin
Two Books
Cubic Space
an exploration of raw space
with guest artists:
Diana Brown, Gabriel Montoya, Diane McKallip, John LeFan,
Phil Deal, Bob Taxin, Anna Dal Pino, John O'Keefe, GP
Skratz, Hal Hughes, Michael Gold, Jim Zimmerman
Cubic Space
Pete Madsen & Celeste Kopel guest artists
Pete Madsen
& Celeste Kopel
in performance

and Blues Guitar classes with Pete Madsen
Diana Brown & Friends
Diana Brown in solo performance and with guests:
John Le Fan, Susan Jackson, and Dan Wilson as
the improv duo
Diana Brown & Friends
Bernal Jazz Quintet guest artists:
The Bernal Jazz Quintet
Michael Gold, Jim Zimmerman, Derek James,
Chuck Bennett, & Curt Moore
Apparitions No. 2
portraits in text, music & installation
John Flanagan & Diana Brown
& John LeFan, Bob Taxin, Phil Deal,
Sue Sullivan, Sam Sullivan
Apparitions No. 2
Early Apparitions Early Apparitions
a performance of songs & text in development
Apparitions at an Exhibition

John LeFan, Mimi Heft, Bob Taxin
HouseWork Exhibit  ŠAnna Dal Pino
Housework @ Zspace
art exhibit
Anna Dal Pino

exhibit slideshow      &      preparation
Drawing Out Drawing Out
art exhibit

Carol Collier
Anna Dal Pino
Smooth Toad with Cornbread
actualist music & poetry

Smooth Toad:  GP Skratz, Bob Ernst & Hal Hughes
and Sandy Rogers
John LeFan, Bob Taxin
Smooth Toad with Cornbread
Book Reading
Book Release & Reading:  
Tickle gurgle Tock
by John LeFan
paleolithic physical theater
by John LeFan
Michael Armstrong, Anna Dal Pino, Terese Hoibye, Joan Lazarus,
John McConville, Bob Taxin, Joe Weatherby
Suspended Labyrinth ŠAnna Dal Pino
Suspended Labyrinth
an interactive installation art piece
Anna Dal Pino in collaboration with KT Graham & John LeFan
Bob Taxin, Terese Hoibye, Hege Hoibye,
Wendy Gilmore,  Robert Ernst, Rob Bailis,
Anna Dal Pino, John LeFan
Cassandra at Mission Creek
a murder spree ballet in polyrhythm

Mitze Abe, Jody Christian, Maxine Craig, Martin A.
David, Terese Hoibye, Catherine Newman, Alison
Sacha Ross, Megan Schirle, Leon Setti, Susan
Sullivan, Bob Taxin, John LeFan, Anna Dal Pino
Cassandra at Mission Creek
The Tempest The Tempest
"...this production gives us moments of real magic" SF Weekly

directed by John LeFan
musical score:  Alan Philips
design team:  KT Graham, Anna Dal Pino, John LeFan
performers:  Ann Brownstone, Anna Dal Pino, Martin A. David, Sheila
M. Devitt, John McConville, Elizabeth Mendana, Philip T. Nails,
Connie Nelson, Catherine Newman, Alan Philips, Carlye Pollack,
Mike Rose, Alison Sacha Ross, Leon Setti, Theron Shaw, Bob Taxin
and Kenny Yun
Dig It  physical theater

Kim Fowler     Bob Ernst     John LeFan     Anna Dal Pino
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2020 Shows
july 2020  |  video release
Ballad of the Long Run
new song:  original music
by John LeFan

Ballad of the Long Run
John LeFan (vocals, guitar)
Anna Dal Pino (bass, video)
on YouTube
february 2020  |  salon performance
Search Engine poster
Search Engine tickets
Search Engine
a paranoid rock 'n' roll comedy

Friday Feb 21   7pm
Saturday Feb 22   7pm  
sold out
Sunday Feb 23   5pm   sold out

conceived and directed by
John LeFan
environment by Anna Dal Pino

John LeFan (guitar, vocals) Ricki Shore (violin, vocals)
Bob Taxin (guitar, dobro, vocals)  Jayne Williams (mandolin, vocals)