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a small selection of work in private collections
Pescadero Marsh, watercolor
Cocktail Party, watercolor
Fresh Air, oil on canvas (rubber gloves)
Geraniums, watercolor
Fish in a Kelp Strand, watercolor
Loud Quiet, watercolor
Male Mallards, watercolor
Afternoon, Inverness Ridge, oil on canvas (bones)
Blaze, watercolor & charcoal
Investigation of a Raven Investigating Me, charcoal
Above Mojave, oil on canvas
A Bend in the Rio Grande, oil on canvas
Rim of the Gorge, oil on canvas
Agave, pencil on paper
Posey, oil on canvas
White Star Dahlia, watercolor
The Chase, charcoal & colored pencil
The Knot, oil on canvas
Parallels, oil on canvas
Drop Blue, charcoal & colored pencil
Dizzy, oil on canvas
Crenellation, watercolor
Clothesline, New Mexico, pencil on paper
Crash, oil on canvas
G's Can-can, oil on canvas
Shall We?, oil on canvas
Tomales Bay, watercolor
A Pelican Takes Off over Shallow Water, watercolor
Tide Pool, watercolor
Down by the River, Big Sur, watercolor
Pt. Lobos Sunset, watercolor
Abalone Shell, colored pencil & watercolor
Handful: Mustard Greens & Cherry Tomatoes, pencil on paper
Spill, oil on canvas
Nested Eggs, oil on canvas
Wedge, pastel on paper
Jeté, oil on canvas (bones)
Greeting, oil on canvas (bones)
Vacancy, oil on canvas
Flock, oil on canvas, by Anna Dal Pino